Sunday, December 28, 2008

surf art in asbury

hey blog-o-land

if any of you cats are in the central nj area this saturday, the 3rd. stop by the mattison gallery, on 701 mattison ave to catch photos by steve mullen and rad sculpture from nj own jamie kelly.

6 - 10 pm.

then come over to langosta lounge for some drinks. support local artists and businesses.

Friday, December 26, 2008

green with envy

i want every surfboard i lay my eyes on. i want there to be waves the moment i see them and i want to grab them and head out for at LEAST 3 good ones, two of which are frontside...

needless to say chris stopped by this morning fresh from the glassers. we have the envy board. she is 8 feet long and has demensions similar to that of robbie kegals "death dagger" board that al knost rides.

i swear, if it dosen't sell by may, she is mine.

good glassing, good color and the right lines. not your typical nose rider, but a girl that won't mind you steppin up and down on her.

for sale at lightly salted surf shop. 1000 ocean ave, asbury park, nj. 732-455-3275.

$700. shout me if anyone out there is interested.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

langosta lounge booooyyyy

sorry it has been a while. the truth of the matter is i have been in the kitchen for the last 3 weeks opening the connected project langosta lounge, phase 3 in the master plan to give us a heart attack. she is big and pretty as hell. people have been showing up, and the feedback so far has been great. thank you to everyone involved, and all who support us. the bar will be open next week, but for now...

a little piece i finished for this week. it is a test for a bigger one i am doing for ryan tatar superblog "shakas and singlefins" the link is to you right. click it search it, and buy some prints from him. ryan, we are getting you to asbury park this summer, word up. this one is canvas, rice paper, resin and a tongue and groove piece of driftwood. the frame (going on today) is from a broken futon I found in the garbage this summer that has been marinating on my roof for the past 3 months... enjoy...